Our History

In 1972, James “Jimmy” McMullen started his business, Textile Industrial Welding (T.I.W.), with a portable welder and a pickup truck. In the early days of T.I.W., the sole drive of the company was the booming textile industry of Dalton, Georgia. They manufactured, installed and repaired various pieces of equipment used in the production of carpet for major textile plants in the surrounding area.

After a few years, and with the decline of the textile industry, Mr. McMullen looked for other avenues to diversify his business. His first venture outside of working with the carpet industry was with air and water purification equipment.  He bought additional equipment and added a new salesman to his team that was well versed in the area.

This continued expansion of knowledgeable employees, technology, and facility, T.I.W. has flourished in many categories of manufacturing. They have worked for transportation companies to build component parts for long-haul trucks and rail cars. They also have worked with the food industry, nuclear, and even asphalt recycling.

Textile Industrial Welding has always strived to stay up to date on the latest manufacturing processes as well as the latest machinery. In 1996 Mr. McMullen made the decision to buy T.I.W.’s first Whitney plasma punch machine. This opened a new door for the company to start creating component parts—their main focus today.

Over the last two decades T.I.W. has implemented two additional plasma punch machines, three lasers, and CNC milling machines to its force. These additions, along with skilled employees, has certainly advanced T.I.W. past their competition in ways of capability as well as capacity.


Our Team






James McMullen
President / CEO 






Chris Byrd
Sales & Plant Manager






Connie Hardin
Office Manager

JoAnn Mcmullen






JoAnn McMullen
Secretary / Treasurer






Christa Byrd
Accounts Payable / Insurance






Robin Lollar






David Cloud
Engineering Manager






Phil Noles
Purchasing Agent