Machining Abilities

CNC Mills

Our 4 CNC vertical milling machine centers, with high-speed precision tooling, produce the most accurate and economical part for our customers. This model shown includes through the spindle coolant. Our maximum capacity for the largest machining centers is 64 in. by 34 in. with a 4000 lb. load maximum.

Precision Lathes

Precision turning is performed on our various sized lathes. The swing capacity ranges from 14 in. to 34 in. The bed capacity ranges from 60 in. to 200 in.

CNC Lathe

For an efficient way to output mass quantities of lathe produced parts we use our CNC Lathe, the Toolmex TUR630MN "Teachable" Lathe. It has a 25 in. swing (up to 157 in. available between centers), a spindle bore of 4.1 in. and a max load between centers of 4400 lbs.


Machined Parts

Machined Part - Bronze bushing: 4 in. O.D. x ⅜ in. thick—hub 1 ½ in. O.D. x 1 in. I.D. x 27/32 in. LG.—overall 1 7/32 in. LG.
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